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Previous Lecture Series

This page will link you to the many other GSU CMII lecture series I have curated over the years, just click on the picture next to each description to go to that year's series of recorded lectures.

2021 - Metaverse and the Future of Work and Play

We're here because we want to help you understand why non-fungible tokens and the metaverse matter to your future or your business. We have the passion to teach and the knowledge to execute your creative ideas.


2020 - Inclusive Media Futures

Based on the research and book, Making a New Reality by Kamal Sinclair and Jessica Clark, this series will discuss inclusive creative ecosystems/economies/media futures. Topics we hope to cover include creative labor, cultural artifacts, intellectual property, blockchain, access to technology, unions, precarious work, UBI, Afrofuturism, risk and entrepreneurship, and the circular economy.


2019 - AI and the Creative Industries

Join GSU alumni, Kamal Sinclair, Senior Sundance Consultant and Executive Director for the Guild of Future Architects in an interactive lecture on Making a New Reality. Over the course of Making a New Reality, more than 100 interviewees offered insights on how to define emerging media, as well as the challenges to and possible interventions for increasing equity and inclusion in emerging media. This lecture is the Keynote for the Creative Media Industries Institute’s lecture series, AI and the Creative Industries. Free and Open to the Public.


2018 - Media Entrepreneurship

The Media Entrepreneurship Lecture Series is a weekly student-led presentation that promotes creativity and learning. We believe in New Power, a system that promotes building a community of participants. Each week we are inspired by speakers from varying fields that share their knowledge of technology and entrepreneurship.

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