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CMII Lecture Series: The Metaverse and the Future of Work and Play

Thursdays 4-5 PM EST

A fall lecture series with the leading voices in the Metaverse hosted by Elizabeth Strickler at the Creative Media Industries Institute. The goal is to deeply research, reflect on and understand the Metaverse and how we will work and play within it. 

August 26         Elizabeth Strickler        NFTs, Labor and the Metaverse
September 2    Kadine James               Future Fashion Consumption
September 9    Jeremy Gilbertson       Framework For Utility In the Metaverse
September 16  Teddy Pahagbia            Intersection of Anthropology and the Metaverse
September 23   April Arrington            Challenges of WorldBuilding In the Metaverse
September 30   David Orban                Megaverse, Multiverse, Metaverse
October 7          Lance Weiler               Collaborative Storytelling in the Metaverse
October 14        Hrish Lotlikar              Connecting the Real and the Virtual
October 21        Twobadour                  Funding the Metaverse with the Metapurse
October 28        Ben Konsynski             History of the Metaverse
November 4      Nancy Giordano          Equitable Business Models
November 11    Krista Kim                     Real Virtual Estates
November 18    Kalila L                          Living in and Building the Metaverse
December 2      Shaw Walters               Collaborative Economics in the Metaverse

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