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What is the name of your tool/platform/hardware you are presenting?


What is the URL of the tool/platform/hardware you are presenting?       

Describe the primary function and technical capabilities of the tool. How does it contribute to building the Metaverse?      It allows to build your avatar and it creates an interactive environment for people to engage with each other in the same time. It used for educational purposes and business meetings, it's also used for creating virtual events  


What are the technical requirements to use this tool (e.g., hardware specifications, operating system compatibility)?             Computer, VR device, or mobile device. For computer: Operating System: Windows 10 / 11 Processor: Intel i5 Memory: 8GB RAM Storage: 9GB available space Graphics Card: Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 or better. Must be a dedicated GPU if using a laptop       

Provide examples or case studies of how this tool has been applied in real-world scenarios. How does it solve specific problems or enhance projects in VR, AR, or the metaverse? it is used for creating interactive environment that helps people to work together on a same project together at the same time, it can be used to build a different virtual worlds starting form a simple room to a complex virtual world. For example, it can be used to create a music festival or a meeting between a global companies.          


Is the tool open-source or proprietary? Discuss the implications of its software model on development and collaboration. it is proprietary tool which is controlled and developed by single organization. proprietary tool makes it limited to collaboration.        

What is the business model of this tool and what are the implications? (ie freemium, subscription, one-time cost). Who do you think their target market or demographic is?

It is free for all users but there is monthly subscription fee to unlock extra features such as hosting public events, creating recorder experience via VR, and accessing different locations and tools.  

Compare and contrast this tool with at least two similar tools or platforms. What are its strengths and weaknesses relative to its competitors?

Engage: Strengths: Robust customization options for creating virtual spaces. Multi-platform compatibility, including support for VR headsets, desktops, and mobile devices. Integrated tools for collaboration, content creation, and real-time communication. Weaknesses: Proprietary software model may limit flexibility and collaboration. Limited user base compared to more established platforms.   AltspaceVR: Strengths: Early mover advantage and established user base in the VR social space. Focus on social events, entertainment, and community building. Cross-platform support for VR headsets, desktops, and mobile devices. Weaknesses: Limited customization options for creating virtual spaces. Relatively simple avatars and interactions compared to more immersive platforms. Acquired by Microsoft, which may impact its direction and development.   Mozilla Hubs: Strengths: Open-source platform with a focus on accessibility and inclusivity. Built on web standards, allowing easy access via web browsers without additional downloads. Collaboration tools for content creation and real-time communication. Weaknesses: Less polished and feature-rich compared to proprietary platforms like Engage. Limited customization options for creating virtual spaces. Relatively smaller user base and community compared to more established platforms.        

Based on current trends and developments, where do you see this tool heading in the future? Consider upcoming features, potential use cases, or evolving technologies.

 i see this tool in the future as the spot, where people go to hang out there and create their own world and the space to meet their families and friends. will be well used specially during Holidays where it can bring everyone together.             


What was your experience in using the tool?

 It was pretty fun, the graphics weren't the best but the idea to create a world and invite people to join you to watch a movie together or dance on some music is pretty cool.  

Created by: Abdallah Abdelkarin

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